American Telemedicine Association Petitions State To Not Limit The Practice

The American Telemedicine Association last week sent a memo to the state board that licenses professional mental health counselors, urging it to license out-of-state providers for telehealth services and scrap mandates requiring a face-to-face meeting between practitioner and patient. Full Story

Urgent Care Goes Uber: How Healthcare Is Becoming More Accessible Than Ever

Startup companies like Mend and Plano’s PediaQ, wherein a parent can use an app to direct a nurse practitioner to wherever their sick child is, are evidence that healthcare is welcoming a more consumer-driven model. Lean, efficient upstarts are identifying gaps that can be exploited to improve convenience and transparency in the care patients receive. The giants are no longer the only game in town. Full Story

Gov. Abbott Signs Healthcare Interoperability Bill

Named ‘Ken’s Bill’ in honor of Dr. Kenneth Pool, the late president of the Texas e-Health Alliance when the bill was drafted, HB 2641 will establish state health exchanges for the transmission of health-related information. It mandates that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission must only contract with companies that support “standards-based interoperability.” Full Story

Texas Association Of Health Underwriters: Medical Board’s Telemedicine Rule Conflicts With Existing Law

Quoting a release: “The new rule, which is scheduled to become effective on June 3, goes against §1455.004 of the Texas Insurance Code which reads: ‘A health benefit plan may not exclude a telemedicine medical service or a telehealth service from coverage under the plan solely because the service is not provided through a face-to-face consultation.’” Full Story