Healthcare Startup Raises $152K In Seed Funding For Upcoming Pilot Series, Launch

Blockit Inc., a Dallas-based healthcare technology startup, has raised $152,000 in seed funding for its pilot series and launch. The company aims to be a platform technology for healthcare providers and patients to schedule appointments, referrals, and more. The money was raised in two rounds. The first grossed $60,000 and closed in late 2016 after an initiative led by Blockit co-founders Jake McCarley and Dr. Mark Carver. The second round yielded $92,000 and closed in February 2017. Contributions came primarily from North Texas investors, along with a few from Tennessee and Michigan. Blockit is designed to provide real-time access to… Full Story

An Overview of the Technology That Hopes to Redefine the Care We Receive

Today’s medical technology is on the brink of several innovations that are nothing short of breathtaking. New smaller and smarter technologies that offer the allure of both incredible costs savings and tremendous advances in patient treatment are rapidly being developed for stroke, breast cancer, imaging, and more. Full Story