Need to Know: Steve Love, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council


President and CEO, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council

Why You Need to Know Him: Because he runs the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council, a group that works to unite 75 member-hospitals that collectively generate 240,000 jobs in the area.

The DFWHC is comprised of thee entities—including GroupOne, a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary that provides human resource services. DFWHC employs 70 and is funded by membership dues, fees for services (such as background checks), Group One revenue, and grants.

In most areas of the country, such councils don’t exist. This keeps hospitals ultra-competitive and makes it difficult for them to tackle common problems, Love says. Each battles for its own interests, regardless of how it affects the community. Here, there’s more cooperation.

In the last legislative session, for example, Medicaid was reconfigured. The medical coverage provider changed the way it refunded hos- pitals, which resulted in some area entities receiving higher refunds, but most receiving less. Council mem- bers decided it would be in the area’s best interest to do what they could to lessen the impact of the refund decrease. So Love went to Austin and advocated for a gradual change in reimbursement, giving hospitals more time to prepare.

The 43-year-old organization may face more challenges, depending on how federal reimbursements are allotted in the future. Still, Love believes he’s in the right spot at the DFWHC. “I am honored to be the president and CEO,” he says. “I have learned a great deal. In the North Texas area, we are blessed.”

This story originally appeared in the July/August issue of D CEO magazine. Story by Jessica Melton; photography by Joshua Martin.