UT Southwestern Selects New Leader for Clinical Operations

UT Southwestern named a leader of its patient care enterprise on Thursday, announcing cardiologist Dr. John Warner will take up the role starting March 1. Warner will be Executive Vice President for Health Systems Affairs, overseeing the UT Southwestern Medical Center’s clinical operations. The medical group delivers care to 100,000 hospitalized patients, 600,000 ER patients, and 2.2 million outpatients a year. Warner, previously one of D’s Best Doctors for cardiology, is currently serving as CEO of UT Southwestern’s University Hospitals. He is also currently president of the American Heart Association. Warner did his residency at UT Southwestern and returned in… Full Story

Why the Flu is Common, Deadly, and Underappreciated

Influenza doesn’t get the respect it deserves among infectious diseases, perhaps because we live through a flu season every year. Each winter, the flu is responsible for about 40,000 deaths across the United States, mostly among the elderly and very young. This season is rapidly developing into one of the most severe in recent years with the number of diagnosed flu cases running about twice last year’s level. Patients with respiratory symptoms have been crowding into emergency rooms and some schools have temporarily closed because a quarter of the students are ill. Influenza is highly contagious – easily transmitted through… Full Story

Morning Rounds (12.24.12)

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have identified a molecular mechanism needed to unleash the heart’s ability to regenerate itself.

Debbie Branson, chair of the Parkland Board of Managers, calls the hospital’s tardiness in paying a $750,000 fine to the state “inexcusable.”

Dallas-based Epic Health Services Inc., a provider of pediatric and adult home health care, has acquired Boston-based AmeriCare, a Medicare-certified home health agency. Full Story

UTSW Researchers Report Major Heart Regeneration Finding

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have identified a molecular mechanism needed to unleash the heart’s ability to regenerate itself, a critical step toward developing eventual therapies for damage suffered following a heart attack. UTSW cardiologists and molecular biologists found microRNAs—tiny strands that regulate gene expression—in mice that enable heart’s ability to regenerate up to one week after birth, and then declines thereafter. Researchers hope that the discovery of the heart’s natural regenerative on-off switch may lead to better understanding of the No. 1 hurdle in cardiovascular research: the inability of the heart to regenerate following injury. The study was published… Full Story

Morning Rounds (08.29.12)

Methodist Richardson is slated to open a new wound care center next month. It will offer outpatient care for patients with chronic, non-healing wounds that don’t improve with typical treatment.

UT Dallas will offer a healthcare specific major to undergrads for the first time this fall. UTD established the degree due, in part, to the high number of pre-health students at the university

UT Southwestern Medical Center study shows aspirin can help lower risk of death from prostate cancer.

Carl E. Everett, D.O., one of the three founders of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, has passed away at the age of 97. Throughout his life, he has made more contributions to UNT Health Science Center than any other individual. Full Story

Children’s Medical Center Research Institute Gets $1 million Gift

A joint venture between Children’s Medical Center and UT Southwestern Medical Center is getting a $1 million boost, thanks to a donation from Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge. The Baldridge’s gift will fund a study of stem cell metabolism  at Children’s Medical Center Research Institute. The research could lead to new ways of regenerating damaged tissues and more effectively treat cancer. It will assess the extent to which tissue stem cells are metabolically different from other types of cells. Sean Morrison, M.D., director of the Children’s Research Institute, said the goal of the Institute is to discover the therapies of… Full Story