IOM Calls for Better Use of Technology in Healthcare

The Institute of Medicine has released a report calling for a better healthcare system in light of recent science and technological advances. An 18-member expert committee released the 382-page report, entitled “Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America.”

According to Modern Healthcare, the report critiques the current healthcare system, which resulted in an estimated $750 billion loss in 2009 for being costly, of poor quality, and inefficient; it calls for a change to the current business model.

The report also states that 75,000 lives could have been saved in 2005 if every state’s care was held to the highest of standards. The report recommends implementing new payment models, increasing connectivity, embracing health information technology, and a re-structuring of healthcare systems in order to improve the system.

The IOM maintains that following the “road map” provided will make information easily accessible, engage patients, and provide equal care.

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