Medical Center of Plano First in Texas to Use New Stroke Treatment

The Medical Center of Plano is the first hospital in Texas to utilize new technology for the improved treatment of stroke patients.

Called “the Trevo Pro Retriever,” the device integrates blood into clots and subsequently removes them. This helps restore blood flow at a quicker rate and increase patient’s chance of full recovery.

The technology has already been used at the Plano hospital, a designated Primary Stroke Center. Vallabh Janardhan,M.D., director of the Texas Stroke Institute, worked with an interventional neurology team to successfully treat a stroke victim.

“The Trevo Pro Retriever is easy to use and very effective in quickly restoring blood flow to the brain, which makes all the difference in determining the final clinical outcome,” Janardhan said in a statement. “The technology for blockage therapies is growing rapidly and we anticipate many more such devices in the near future that will continue to increase our treatment rates.”



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