Partners Form SpineCare Institute in Dallas

SpineCare Institute, a minimally invasive spine treatment center was formed as a collaboration of Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake and the Minimally Invasive SpineCARE Institute, which focuses its treatments on innovative techniques, advanced technology, and evidence-based medicine to pursue true minimally invasive surgeries.

The Minimally Invasive SpineCARE Institute specializes in procedures that may have incisions as small as 3 mm.

“Collaborating with Doctors Hospital to form the SpineCare Institute is a perfect match for the MISCI team,” said Douglas Won, M.D., founder of MISCI, in a statement. “The hotel-like comfort of the surgical suites at Doctors Hospital, combined with the experience of the MISCI specialists, provides an advanced resource to the Dallas area.”

In addition to minimally invasive spine surgery, SCI offers non-surgical options such as physical therapy and interventional pain procedures.

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