Medicus: 5 Ways ACOs Will Impact Physician Recruiting

According to a survey of hospital executives conducted by Dallas-based Medicus, a national physician search firm, most (47.5 percent) most healthcare facilities are not currently affiliated and have no plans to affiliate with an Accountable Care Organization.

The survey revealed five ways that healthcare professionals believe ACOs will impact physician recruiting:

  1. Physician recruiting will become “more difficult” and challenging with an ACO model, according to 35 percent of respondents
  2. Volume of recruits will increase, according to 48 percent of respondents (including 56 percent of primary care doctors and 80 percent of non-physician providers surveyed)
  3. Employers will seek different characteristics in physician candidates, according to the overwhelming majority of respondents who reported seeking team-oriented doctors with motivations lying in quality incentives for practicing as part of an ACO
  4. Base compensation and incentive models will become more quality-focused
  5. Physician earnings will be impacted with some earning more and others earning less under ACO compensation models and in coherence with new quality incentives.

Other data suggests that the majority of hospitals are opting out of ACO, and that those likely to experiment with a similar strategy do so under Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, according to a State of the Industry 2013 article published by Managed Healthcare Executive.

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