VHA Exec Named to Board of National Patient Safety Foundation

Lillee Gelinas, vice president and chief nursing officer at Irving-based VHA Inc., has been named to the National Patient Safety Foundation board of directors.

As such, Gelinas will be responsible for providing strategic and operational oversight, as well as fiduciary responsibilities for the foundation.

Here’s more from a VHA Inc. press release:

At VHA, Gelinas is active in collaborative patient safety improvement initiatives including VHA’s Hospital Engagement Network (HEN), which is part of the Partnership for Patients initiative launched by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Gelinas drives the educational content and moderates VHA’s Partnership for Patients Education Series and works with senior leaders in the VHA HEN. She also contributes her patient safety and workforce expertise to hospitals engaged with VHA IMPERATIV.

“Having worked with and listened to the CNOs and senior leaders nationwide, we know we must reduce readmissions and prevent harm to patients. The work that NPSF, the HENs and other organizations are doing is instrumental to improving the quality of care,” said Gelinas.


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