Consumers Blame Insurers and Prescription Companies—Not Physicians—for Rising Healthcare Costs

Most American consumers blame insurers and prescription companies for the rise in healthcare costs instead of their doctors, according to a Harris Interactive survey done on behalf of the Physicians Foundation.

In July, more than 2,200 adults were surveyed, with 78 percent saying they had a primary-care doctor or family physician, according to Modern Physician. Those who visited their doctor in the last year reported being satisfied overall with those visits. Only 1 percent said they were not satisfied.

Three-fourths of survey participants blamed insurance companies for spiking healthcare costs and 74 percent pointed the finger at prescription companies. Government, the consumers themselves, and malpractice insurance also received some blame.

As part of the survey, older patients, particularly those more than 55 years old, reported they were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their doctor.

Regarding the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act set to take effect next year, 39 percent said it will have a negative impact on healthcare.