Obama Win Confirms Health Law, But States Control Implementation

President Obama’s re-election means his healthcare law will remain, but Republican state officials will influence the manner in which it is carried out, according to a report from Kaiser Health News.

Next year, Republican governors will lead 30 states—including Texas—and 24 will have Republican-controlled legislatures. State lawmakers will control whether millions of uninsured people get coverage through Medicaid beginning in 2014.

State lawmakers will also play a key role in deciding whether to expand Medicaid, Kaiser Health News reports. The Supreme Court gave them the power to reject the expansion of Medicaid, which is expected to cover more than half of the 30 million people gaining health insurance under the law.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has said he the state will not participate, even though the federal government would cover the costs of new enrollees through 2016. Governors in Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia also have rejected Medicaid expansion.

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