Compass Buys ACAP Clinical Care Initiative

ACAP Health Consulting has sold its Clinical Care Engineering (CCE) product to Compass Professional Health Services. The sale, effective Jan. 1, will create Compass Care Engineering, which will be headed by David Toomey, former principal of ACAP Health. Both ACAP and Compass are based in Dallas.

CCE initially was developed in late 2011 as part of ACAP Health’s “accountable care” initiative.  It aims to establish and communicate clinical care and service standards directly to physicians and hospitals. The goal is to close the communication gap between employers and health care providers.

“As CCE developed under ACAP Health, it became clear that the initiative would have greater success with advanced technology and consumer engagement capabilities,” said Wally Gomaa , president of ACAP Health, in a statement.  “We found a robust patient engagement model and deep analytics power in Compass to launch CCE forward.”

Posted in Dallas.