A Clinical Approach to Technology: Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Inc.

On the surface, electronic medical records are all about efficiency. But sometimes, the technology falls short. Doctors and nurses often have difficulty using the software for keeping digital medical records, ditch the programs, and go back to paper. It’s problems like this that Dallas-based Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Inc. solves, according to Rick Kneipper, whose titles at the 13-year-old technology services provider include co-founder and interim chief executive.

On one level, the company does for hospitals and physician practices what Ross Perot’s Electronic Data Systems Corp. did for corporate America: running their technology systems for them. But with Anthelio, it goes deeper than that.

For example, Anthelio personnel will go on rounds with doctors and nurses to discover how they take care of patients, Kneipper says. Then they might change the user interface of the records software to make it easier to use. Or they might show the caregivers ways to use the software so they can get things done quickly. “The people we must talk to are the clinicians,” Kneipper says. “We talk about the technology later.”

Anthelio generates more than $250 million in revenue annually, Kneipper says. It projects sales growth of 13 percent to 15 percent per year, with an ultimate objective of 20 percent annually. —Jeff Bounds

Anthelio Healthcare Solutions was among the 2013 finalists in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year program. Read about all 48 finalists in this D CEO feature.

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