Lewisville Congressman Warns of Fraud in ACA Mandate Delay

Amidst the announcement that the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate will be delayed for a year, U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Lewisville) points out a cause for concern when individuals are left to the honor system in self-reporting these facts.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Burgess said the honor system opens the door for massive fraud and questioned the concept of “trust, but verify.” Once the reporting requirements take effect, those who have received more federal help in purchasing a health plan than they should have will be required to pay the funds back.

“It is clear that the delays within the Affordable Care act prove that this law is not only unsustainable and unreliable, but it will keep increasing costs and complicate the implementation of other parts of the law,” Burgess said in his weekly YouTube address on July 12 (see below).

Burgess said he believes that instead of forcing Americans to purchase expensive health insurance, the insurance companies should be pushed to create more affordable plans.

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