2013’s Best Healthcare Stories From D Magazine and D CEO

While we here at D Healthcare Daily like to think we provide you with the best healthcare news in North Texas, truth is we have some help. Here are the best healthcare stories from our print publications, D Magazine and D CEO.


Forty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade, a case that began in Dallas. Now the city is serving as a proving ground for the newest weapon in the battle over abortion. Michael J. Mooney wrote about David Pomerantz, who sees every pregnant woman as “a safe loaded with gold that thieves are trying to steal.”  He parks his ultrasound-equipped van in front of abortion clinics five days a week, trying to convince women to keep their children.

Karen Nielsen also spent time with high-tech entrepreneur Larry Lacerte, who was waging a battle against leukemia.


Each year, we select our top nurses. This year, Pamela Kripke and Krista Nightengale had the pleasure of profiling 22 of the very best.


Collin County is one of the more active fertility centers in the country, with a wide variety of treatments. Karen Nielsen looked into what potential parents should expect.


D‘s Smart Blonde, Sarah Hepola, climbed into UT Southwestern’s CoolSculpting machine, a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. Takeaway line: “But then she pressed the start button, and I could feel my soft flesh being air-lifted inside the alien ship of that nozzle, and there was no turning back.”


When a fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas, killing 15 and injuring another 160, the only writer in the country who truly understood the profundity of the situation was Zac Crain, who grew up in the town. He went home, surveyed the scene, and sent this report.

Steve Jacob also caught up with Bert Marshall, the new CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.


Teeth. Specifically nice teeth. Game show host teeth. $32,000 teeth.


D‘s annual Best Doctors issue, chock full of medically-induced features. Like the one about what Obamacare means for you (written by yours truly). Or the ones about the father of Dallas medicine and the fight against West Nile, both written by Mooney. Lauren Silva Laughlin told us how bad Dallas really is for our health, and Dr. Ken Murray let us—the outsiders—know “how doctors die.”

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