As Clinics Close Across Texas, Anti-Abortion Centers Thrive

Texas’ controversial abortion law requiring physicians at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals has led to the closure of clinics statewide. But centers on the other side of the argument are booming, according to Al Jazeera America.

Many staffers at these centers wear white coats and offer sonograms, but have no medical training. Crisis-pregnancy centers don’t have to comply with state or federal safety standards, and Texas’ health department does not inspect the clinics. Only California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York have rigorous regulatory requirements for medical clinics, AJA reports. In other states, a crisis-pregnancy center needs to have only a licensed physician to serve as medical director.

In Dallas there are seven National Institute of Family and Life Advocates-affiliated pregnancy medical clinics; in Fort Worth, there are four. There are no abortion providers in the Panhandle, but there at least four pregnancy medical clinics.

Since 2005, state health officials have rerouted $30 million from family-planning coffers toward crisis-pregnancy centers, the Texas Observer reports.

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