Conjoined Twins Separated at Medical City Children’s Hospital Moving To Rehab Center

Conjoined twins Dallas Medical City Children's Hospital
Owen and Emmett Ezell. Photo: Medical City Children’s Hospital

On August 24 of last year, physicians at Medical City Children’s Hospital separated the conjoined twins Owen and Emmett Ezell. On Wednesday, nearly eight months later, the twins will be moved to an inpatient rehabilitation center.

“This is the next step to getting the boys home with their family,” wrote hospital spokeswoman Stacy Covitz in a release announcing the move.

The two no longer need to be fed through an IV; however, doctors are still feeding them using tubes in their abdomens. The rehab facility will teach the boys’ parents how to manage that process until they can eat on their own. Covitz said they are breathing with the help of a trachea breathing tube.

The two were born joined from the breast bone to the belly button. They shared a liver and bowels and their intestines were outside of their bodies, covered only by a thin layer of tissue. They were born on July 15 and weighed a combined 11 pounds, 15 ounces.

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