Arlington Hospital To Be Recognized By US News & World Report

Texas Health Arlington’s program to help patients battle future fragility fractures will be recognized in the August issue of US News & World Report, which contains its annual Best Hospitals guide.

Texas Health Arlington met all 10 compliance rates judged by the American Orthopedic Association’s ‘Own the Bone’ program. The publication is listing all facilities that have “significant compliance rates” through the program.

There are more than 2 million reported fragility fractures each year, which signal poor bone health. Texas Health’s program is aimed at addressing the problem in patients ages 50 and older before it becomes recurring. And so, the emphasis is placed on bone health and osteoporosis.

Patients are guided through nutrition counseling, exercise and lifestyle coaching, medicinal information, and bone density training.

“With customized patient education materials, individuals learn which activities work best for bone health and nutrition improvement,” Dr. Joseph Borrelli, chair of orthopedics, said in a statement. “Patients enrolled in the program are more involved with their health care. They essentially live up to the program’s name and own the bone by helping with the management of their bone health.”

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