Statewide Initiative Launches in Dallas To Boost Nurse Representation on Boards of Directors

Last week, 26 leading nurses at healthcare facilities across the state converged in Dallas to launch Nurses on Board, a yearlong program meant to train nurses on how to gain representation on the boards of directors for healthcare facilities.

The program was launched in the wake of recommendations laid out in a report published by the Institute of Medicine, which suggested that nurses, the largest group of healthcare employees, are not adequately represented on the boards of their facilities. Head here to see the full report, titled Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action.

Nurses on Board will hold training workshops in eight Texas regions in the hopes of preparing 400 nurses to serve on boards throughout the state. The program booked several leading experts from across the state to provide tips on what the nurses will need to know to serve on a board.

“Already proven leaders in the state and nursing, these nurses are now learning the art of governance from experts in the field in order to shape the future of health care delivery and their organizations,” said Dr. Cole Edmonson, co-lead of the Texas Team.

Nurses on Board is one of many similar initiatives underway in states across the nation.

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