Nina Pham, Now In Good Condition, Transferred to NIH Facility In Maryland To Be Treated For Ebola

Both of the Texas Health Presbyterian nurses being treated for Ebola have now been transferred out of the state: Nina Pham, the 26-year-old critical care nurse diagnosed Sunday, arrived in Maryland Thursday evening to be treated at one of four special biocontainment units in the country.

The Washington Post reports that she will receive care at the National Institutes of Health clinical center in Bethesda. The second nurse diagnosed with the virus, Amber Vinson, was flown to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Texas Health Resources posted a video from the isolated unit before Pham’s transfer. Her message: “I’ doing really well.” She wiped away tears as doctors in protective gear told them they loved her. USA Today says she was able to walk off the plane with assistance.

Meanwhile, Texas Health Resources issued a blistering response to widespread criticism that alleged inadequate policies led to the diagnoses of the two women who cared for the nation’s first Ebola diagnosis, Thomas Eric Duncan.

“Third parties who don’t know our hospital, our employees and who were not present when the events occurred are seeking to exploit a national crisis by inserting themselves into an already challenging situation,” the statement reads. “Based on our strong track record of having excellent relationships with our employees, we do not believe it is necessary or helpful for outside parties to intervene in this relationship.”

The statement says THR followed CDC guidelines and has conducted interviews with “well over 100 caregivers involved in Mr. Duncan’s care.”

“It is incorrect and disturbing to many of our staff to hear media exaggerations about their commitment to the organization they love,” the statement continues. “They are understandably worried and concerned in the eye of this storm, but they are steadfastly supporting their patients, each other, and the hospital they love.”

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