Plano Doctor Announces Network For Private Practice Physicians

North Texas physicians in private practice now have a network to access services and structure to help adapt to the new fee-for-value landscape of healthcare without being swallowed by a large hospital system.

The Catalyst Health Network is a clinically integrated conglomeration of physicians who share metrics to help lower costs and provide higher quality care, cornerstones of the Triple Aim.

“We recognized the need for an independent, physician-led network to serve the challenges of doctors and their patients,” said Dr. Christopher Crow, CEO of StratiFi Health and founder of Village Health Partners. “The goal of Catalyst Health Network is to create healthy independent medical practices, led by doctors who will have a significant impact on the financial and clinical health of their patients. The sum of the network will help transform the health and well-being of our communities in North Texas.”

To help with finances, Lance Spivey, an executive who has 20 years of experience in healthcare operations, is a co-leader. The network will be led by a board of physicians. Crow says its end-goal is to “enable physicians to remain independent and still enjoy the services and the structure needed to be successful in the new value-based world of healthcare.”

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