UTSW Employee Resigns After Houston Press Questions Her Nonprofit’s Expenditures

A UT Southwestern Medical Center employee has resigned following a Houston Press feature that raised questions about the expenditures of a cancer-focused nonprofit she started prior to being hired.

UTSW spokeswoman Lori Stahl said that Beth Sanders Moore, director of development for cancer programs at the university, tendered her resignation on Thursday. It will be effective on July 9. She worked in the Office of Development, which raises money to fund clinical and research initiatives.

The Houston alt-weekly published an interesting piece earlier this week that dove into the expenditures of her cancer-focused nonprofit website, CancerForward.

In it, writer Craig Malisow chronicled the journey of Moore and her husband Jess Moore, a pair that was once entrenched in the Houston socialite scene until they failed to repay a series of loans to friends in the mid 2000s. Meanwhile, their cancer-focused nonprofit reported to the Internal Revenue Service average annual expenditures of $230,000 on IT services without defining what exactly those were. As The Press notes, that’s not illegal—the IRS only mandates that charities define the expenditures by category, not necessarily the subsequent services or vendors.

But, quoting the alt-weekly, it’s certainly curious:

Since launching in 2010, CancerForward has received $1.76 million in donations and grants, with roughly $986,000 (56 percent) of that going to IT services. But other reported expenses seemed similarly vague. In the charity’s 2014 filing, the second-biggest expenditure after IT services is $28,726 spent on something identified only as “survivor, donor & volunteer.” That was followed by the nebulous “other costs” line item, totaling $27,422. With no one from CancerForward willing to explain what these categories actually are, it’s hard to make sense of those numbers.

The whole thing is certainly worth a read, and you can do so here. Stahl said that the university was unaware of the nonprofit’s shaky finances when Moore was hired. Her name has already been scrubbed from the website.

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