Scientology-Backed Group Led Fight Against Vetoed Behavioral Health Bill

Last month, you may recall, the Texas Medical Association joined the Texas Hospital Association and a slew of other advocate groups in speaking out against Gov. Greg Abbott’s veto of a relatively uncontroversial behavioral health bill.

Abbot spiked Senate Bill 359 in early June. It would have allowed physicians to place a four hour hold on a mentally ill patient if they are suspected of being a danger to themselves or others and are seeking to leave on their own accord. The Texas Tribune got a hold of emails that show Abbott in strange company: a Church of Scientology-backed group led an attack against the bill, garnering support from the Texas Home School Coalition, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the anti-vaxxers Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education, and the libertarian anti-fluoridation group Texans for Accountable Government.

The Tribune found correspondence between the governor’s office and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Head here for the full scoop.

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