Members Of DFW’s Indian Healthcare Population Come Together In Irving

In a room filled with physicians, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals, Dallas Medical Center CEO Raji Kumar shared how she came from living in India to being in a position to turn around a hospital that was losing millions of dollars each month.

“The first thing I do when I walk into a hospital I’m trying to turn around is project the financials, not just to the team, but to the physicians as well,” Kumar said. “I find in these struggling hospitals, physicians and staff are often working as two separate circles.”

Kumar spoke as part of the second-ever meeting of the DFW Indian Health Entrepreneurs Network meeting at Pasand Indian Cuisine in Irving. According to Dr. Darshan Gandhi, the group’s founder, DIHEN aims to bring together healthcare professionals in different capacities to create an ecosystem for networking, marketing new businesses, and innovating ideas within different sects of healthcare. To demonstrate this, the group brought in Kishore Khandavalli, CEO of iTech Industry, to listen to three presentations and provide feedback.

Kumar, meanwhile, explained the importance keeping up the sense of urgency within the hospital. Rather than waiting to do something tomorrow, do it today, she explained. “Healthcare has kind of gotten away with that ‘we can do it tomorrow’ mentality,” Kumar said. “We are in the business of taking care of people. Do what you say you’re going to do, don’t tell them something you’re not going to do, and follow through.”

Kumar believes that rather than focusing on the uninsured, healthcare professionals should be trying to fix the problems with the underinsured. The other gap Kumar stated is the need to “provide a shared platform for more people to exchange and collaborate information and make that easy.”

Ravi Kalidindi, CEO of Simple Interact presented the service as a new rating system set to improve the patient-physician experience through quick surveys. Rather than allowing negative reviews of doctors and physicians to deter future patients, the service collects feedback from patients and returns it to the doctors. Khandavalli suggested that Kalidindi work on marketing the service. “It can’t be the best kept secret in the market and be profitable.”

Dr. Michael Allen has much experience as in travel medicine, having served medical communities in Minnesota, Vermont, Hawaii and New Zealand. After his experiences, he found there was no place to share experiences and rate locations around the world. Through this website, which has been active for a year, professionals can learn about the industry and network with agencies. Khandavalli suggested the site focus on increasing traffic before trying to improve profitability.

Vaidyanatha Siva introduced a mobile app, docSynk. According to Siva, the app provides automated patient follow-up and notifications, patient insurance and benefits verification and mobile patient appointment management. Khandavalli explained that for the app to not get lost amongst the sea of apps is to make the information easier to access and less time consuming for the user.

The event was sponsored by the Keane Insurance Group and Attentive Home Health, a subsidiary of CareCycle Solutions. DIHEN plans on holding two more events before the end of the year.

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