The Doors Are Closed For Now At Forest Park Medical Center’s Dallas Hospital

The doors were closed at Forest Park Medical Center’s Dallas location on Monday, just a few days removed from its employees receiving notice that the hospital would be unable to pay them on time.

Three days after an email went out telling them so, a few who were on site removing their things say they still have not been paid. When asked if they work at Forest Park, a man who appeared to be in his thirties answered, “We used to. Nobody works at Forest Park anymore.”

He was joined by a woman who appeared to be the same age. They hugged in the parking lot before she asked him, “How do we get inside?” The two said they worked in surgery, but wouldn’t provide any other identifying information. They declined to give their names, and said the only news they’d gotten prior to the email was information gleaned from Facebook posts and news reports. The woman said she was on vacation when she learned that she would not be getting a paycheck.

Todd Furniss, chairman of The Management Company at Forest Park Medical Center, hasn’t responded to D Healthcare Daily’s requests for comment since the email went out. But he told The Dallas Morning News that its lender didn’t fund a $1 million “draw” from its revolving credit line that would’ve kept the doors open and the staffers paid. He said the loan was worth about $10 million and the hospital had sufficient borrowing power.

On Friday, a Loomis Inc. armored car was parked in front of the hospital. By Monday, a paper from the Healthcare Trust of America was taped to the locked sliding glass doors with instructions of how to access its still-open medical office building. The lobby was empty, the lights were out. Calls to security went unanswered.

It’s not clear whether the hospital will reopen, although Furniss told The News that this is just a “pause” in operations that will only require a brief closure. Forest Park’s Frisco hospital has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Its San Antonio hospital closed earlier this month, and a lawyer has filed a class action lawsuit alleging that FPMC Services LLC. did not provide sufficient notice of the layoffs.

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