National Media Clues Into Texas’ Upcoming Medical School

The University of Texas at Austin’s forthcoming medical school is getting national attention, with Boston’s STAT website grouping it in with other burgeoning MD tracks that “aim to fix America’s broken healthcare system.”

The website notes that UT’s school is working alongside the city of Austin Travis County’s health district and the Seton Healthcare Family to come up with a new reimbursement system that pays more for preventive services. It’s also looking for funding, aggressively. Property tax increases gave the school $35 million. The board of regents approved $25 million in annual funding and $40 million over the next eight years to go toward faculty recruiting. The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation’s $50 million is pledged over a decade, which gives the school room but necessitates fundraising and new avenues to continue drumming up support.

Here’s what the site had to say about UNLV’s School of Medicine, which was also discussed in the piece:

“The first development target: finding someone to bankroll a new building. When it opens its doors next year, the UNLV School of Medicine will use a renovated space associated with the university’s dental school until a new facility has been built.”

It isn’t mentioned in the story, but North Texas will also be home to another MD program. Texas Christian University and the UNT Health Science Center will welcome its first class in the fall of 2018, with the first round applications to be accepted a year prior. The difference with this program and the ones mentioned in STAT is that the Fort Worth medical school won’t need any new construction.

“This is a very efficient cost model because, just like the original model we designed, the sharing of existing infrastructure means a lot of infrastructure that we don’t have to create,” UNTHSC President Dr. Michael Williams said last year.

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