Texas Hospital Association Releases Standardized Codes, Encourages Adoption

The Texas Hospital Association has released standardized emergency codes that it is encouraging its members to adopt. The so-called “plain language codes” should be enacted to boost safety, reduce errors, encourage transparency, meet national recommendations, and reduce confusion among staff and doctors who practice at multiple hospitals.

The Missouri Hospital Association led the charge there, and offered its guidance throughout the process. The codes are split into four categories: facility alerts, medical alerts, security alerts, and weather alerts. All are stripped down, specific, and fairly straightforward—for instance, a medical alert is simply “code blue”, a bed capacity concern would translate to “facility alert + bad capacity + a descriptor.” The medical alert is the only one that retains its existing code.

The association is asking all Texas hospitals to review the codes and determine if it makes sense for the organization to switch over.

“However, although participation in the initiative is completely voluntary, it is THA’s hope that every Texas hospital adopt all of the standardized, plain-language codes,” reads its announcement.


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