Dallas Data Startup Pieces Lands Partnership With Metrocare Services

Dallas-based Pieces Technology, which recently inked a deal to become part of Children’s Health’s growing investment initiative, has now partnered with Metrocare Services, the largest behavioral health provider in North Texas.

Pieces is a data-driven startup that pumps detailed healthcare utilization information into its proprietary analytics software to help predict outcomes. This can then be integrated into a provider’s electronic health record, available to the doctor as they’re seeing the patient.

That’s how the partnership with Metrocare, which provides services with more than 52,000 adults and kids annually, will work. This is the first time Pieces has connected with a behavioral health provider. The software will interpret data about each patient and make care suggestions. For instance, the data will take into account allergies, current prescriptions, medical history, and demographics to recommend which drugs to prescribe.

“We believe this partnership will significantly advance healthcare – particularly as it relates to behavioral health,” read a statement from Dr. Ruben Amarasingham, President and CEO of Pieces Technologies. “The technology we are integrating will allow physicians, nurses and patients to bring together all aspects of an individual’s needs into a combined behavioral health, clinical and social services care plan.”

In addition to the individual usage information for each patient, Metrocare’s electronic health record software, known as XenatiX, also aggregates HIPAA-compliant and unidentified patient data for research purposes. Pieces was spun out of a project at the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, which used the public health system’s patients as a launching pad. Pieces is an attempt to commercialize that idea, and Amarasingham has launched with a $21.6 million Series A funding round with investors that include Children’s; Peoria, Ill.-based Order of Saint Francis Healthcare System; and venture capital firm PAC Partners. It is on a path to generate $1 million in revenue by the year’s end and employ about 50.

No financial information was released about the partnership with Metrocare.

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