Survey: Physicians Split on Price As Chief of HHS

Last week, the American Medical Association took it on the chin when it endorsed Rep. Tom Price, R-Georgia, as secretary of the U.S. Department Health and Human Services on behalf of its 250,000 members.

A day later, nearly 5,000 of those had signed an open letter decrying the association’s support, saying it only represented a quarter of the nation’s doctors and highlighting Price’s proposed Medicaid policies. Becker’s Hospital Review has a nice summation of the kerfuffle, including this line, from the letter: “”We believe that in issuing this statement of support for Dr. Price, the AMA has reneged on a fundamental pledge that we as physicians have taken  —  to protect and advance care for our patients.”

On Monday, Irving’s Merritt Hawkins released its own findings from a survey of more than 1,000 doctors. It found a predictable party-line split: Forty-six percent of physicians feel “generally positive” about Price’s selection while 43 percent said they’re “generally negative” about it. Eleven percent didn’t have an opinion. Forty-two percent say they believe his appointing will improve access to care, while 47 percent said it would detract. And, finally, 46 percent said they believe Price will improve medical practice conditions while 35 percent said it would detract There, 19 percent say they think nothing will happen to their practice due to Price.

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