D CEO’s Excellence in Healthcare Awards 2016

Earlier this year, a prominent independent family doctor was asked why he chose a career in medicine. He didn’t have to pause to think. It was because of the physician he saw while growing up in Gainesville—a man who went to his church and who treated the sick in his own office.

He was a figure in the community, a sort of medical mayor. Despite an influx of new administrative headaches in today’s healthcare delivery system, the desire to provide that level of service is something most physicians will tell you they’re searching for. D CEO began its Excellence in Healthcare awards two years ago to honor standouts in the industry from the previous 12 months. But we also hoped it would be a summation of the year in North Texas healthcare. This year, perhaps more than the others, you’ll see the trends that are moving the industry embodied in the winners. There’s consolidation, building market share to gather more patients to manage the health of a larger population.

There are efforts to tackle the societal implications of diabetes incidence in poor neighborhoods, overcoming the challenges of living in food deserts, of not having access to transportation. There are independent doctors who are aligning with other independents, teaming up in order not to be swallowed whole by a health system. There are innovators who are using technology to take healthcare out of the hospital and into the home. But all share a common thread: adapt to the market forces that have made medicine more of a business than ever, and try to regain the intimacy that attracted so many caregivers to the profession in the first place.

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