The Future Will See You Now: How Technology is Changing the Doctor’s Visit

A trip to the doctor can be a headache in itself. Too often, time is lost, procedures are slow, communications are spotty, and care instructions are administered with little to no follow-up, all because of the antiquated existing systems. But, what if new technology could change that experience?

What if hospitals prescribed pills equipped with ingestible digital sensors to track the effectiveness of the medicine? What if communications from healthcare providers were instantaneous, thanks to artificial intelligence? What if treatment and outcomes weren’t determined solely by doctors, but reinforced by predictive analytics drawing data from hundreds of sources? What if the waiting room was your living room, bedroom, or game room? What if you could order aid from a medical professional as easily as you can request an Uber car?

Welcome to the future.

These are just a few of the technologies that have been developed or adopted by Dallas-Fort Worth healthcare innovators.

With the rising cost of care, the lower barrier of entry to create technology solutions, and the growing desire to make care more personal and convenient, DFW innovators are finding new ways to rise to the occasion—and they’re cashing in along the way.

“It really is a hot bed,” Julie Hall-Barrow, vice president of virtual health and innovation at Children’s Health, says of North Texas. “We’re not rolling and bowling yet, but we have a lot of air bubbles coming to the top, and I think it’s going to continue to grow.” 

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