ACAP Health Relocates Headquarters, Launches Rebrand

ACAP Health, an employer wellness consulting firm, relocated its headquarters in the Park Central area of North Dallas to accommodate the company’s growth. The new space will reportedly offer greater flexibility and opportunities for more collaboration in the workplace. ACAP Health also underwent a recent brand change in addition to the move, all in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

According to ACAP Health, the new offices feature multiple shared work spaces, an outdoor meeting space, and stand-up-only conference rooms. CEO Wally Gomma says the changes were made to reflect the company’s mission to help businesses improve employee population health. “We want to ensure we are also doing everything we can to upgrade the health of our employees, our most important asset,” he said in a statement.

The company also is launching a new “visual identity.” The rebrand includes a new website designed to highlight ACAP Health’s “vision to promote clinical results as the standard for wellness, as opposed to other wellness companies that promote participation alone as their success metric.”

Kendall Ramirez, ACAP Health’s director of engagement, says company executives reflected during the 10th anniversary to “look back on what made [them] successful.” They found ACAP Health’s core beliefs were still the foundation of what the company hopes to be in the future. “Our new brand identity reflects that foundation and highlights how ACAP Health is bold, spirited, and relentless in our quest to use the health insurance system to help people improve the quality and quantity of their years,” Ramirez said.

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