Enterhealth Debuts Psychotherapy Technique for Patients with Trauma

Enterhealth, a Dallas-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment company, has debuted a new psychotherapy technique designed to help people heal from emotional trauma caused by addiction and other negative experiences. Therapists at Enterhealth have introduced to patients eye movement desensitization and processing, which reprocesses trauma in order to promote sustained recovery after addiction therapy or rehab.

According to Enterhealth research, EMDR therapy allows patients to deal with emotional disturbance caused by traumatic events. The distressing experience impacts the brain’s ability to process information factually and normally. EMDR uses eye movements to directly affect the way the brain associates information tied to the memory, allowing the patient to eventually be desensitized to negative emotions associated with traumatic events. Therapists facilitate side-to-side movement of the eyes and other dual-attention stimuli in patients while they focus on certain memories.

The goal of EMDR therapy is to set up a learning state for patients to displace negative thoughts and associate the memory with positive beliefs. It is typically used to treat patients who suffer from addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood trauma or abuse, physical or sexual abuse, eating disorders, dissociative disorders, and body dysmorphic disorder. After a series of successful EMDR sessions, the patient is able to still remember what happened, but the memory is “less disconcerting.”

David Kniffen Jr., president and CEO of Enterhealth, told D CEO Healthcare: “We are always looking for new and innovative treatments for our patients, and EMDR is a great example of this commitment. Our trained therapists are able to free patients from distress caused by trauma and that makes recovery more attainable. This therapy is extremely effective and leaves a lasting impact on patients’ lives. We are glad we can offer this to people from Dallas/Fort Worth and across the country who seek treatment at Enterhealth.”

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