Children’s Health Expert Responds To National Dosage Report

A Children’s Health expert has provided insight for Dallas-Fort Worth parents, doctors, and healthcare experts in response to a national report regarding pediatric care. The study explored dosage errors when prescribing medicine.

According to the Chicago-based American Academy of Pediatrics, a study released in July found more than 80 percent of caregivers make at least one dosing error when measuring liquid medications for children. The study, titled “Pictograms, Units and Dosing Tools, and Parent Medication Errors: A Randomized Study,” tested almost 500 caregivers with children eight or under measuring 2 mL, 7.5 mL, and 10 mL using syringes with text and pictogram instructions.

In the study, AAP found adults “using tools with a size that more closely matched the prescribed dose made the fewest errors.” For example, when participants measured the 2 mL dose, fewer errors occurred with a 5 mL syringe.

Dr. LeAnn Kridelbaugh, president and chief medical officer of Children’s Health Pediatric Group, believes the AAP findings are relevant and can be useful for parents, caretakers, and children’s healthcare providers in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Kridelbaugh told D CEO Healthcare in a statement: “Parents should ask their pharmacist for proper medication instructions, rather than leaving it to memory and possibly forgetting. The pharmacist can provide the syringe or cup and demonstrate or mark on the measuring device how much medicine to give. Write it down. Make a list. Ask a lot of questions to make sure everything is clear. It’s important to keep a log of why your child is taking which medications and when.”

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