Christus Finalizes Louisiana Joint Venture

Irving-based Christus Health has finalized a joint venture in Louisiana. Christus Health Southwestern Louisiana is now the majority owner of Lake Charles, La.-based Imperial Calcasieu Surgical Center. The center will now be called Christus Imperial Calcasieu Surgical Center.

Imperial is an outpatient surgical center containing six operating rooms, two procedure rooms, and an eye-focused operating room. The center, which opened in 2009, provides orthopedic, ear, nose, throat, ophthalmology, interventional pain management, podiatry, and hand and wrist surgery services.

Imperial is the third center Christus Health Southwestern Louisiana has acquired. Christus currently owns and operates Christus St. Patrick Hospital and Christus Lake Area Hospital.

As part of the joint venture, a joint board of directors will be formed to govern the new center. It will include Christus Health and Imperial’s physician partners.

Stephen Wright, senior vice president of Group Operations at Christus Health in Louisiana, said in a statement: “Delivery of exceptional clinical outcomes is something we are absolutely committed to at Christus. By partnering with physicians in the community, on the surgical front, we are continuing to strive for the highest in patient satisfaction, an increase in access for patients and the solid establishment of an enhanced outpatient surgical service line in a non-hospital setting.”

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