Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Launches Telehealth Program

Dallas-based Enterhealth, a drug and alcohol treatment center, has launched a telehealth program that includes telemedicine and teletherapy. The technology uses telecommunication systems and wireless communication methods, like tablets and smartphones, to connect patients with therapists or doctors.

Patients have begun connecting with the Enterhealth team for assessments, therapy, medication management, and other treatment using a secure, high-definition video connection on a computer, tablet, or other mobile device. Enterhealth is using a purpose-built platform called Zoom, which is HIPAA compliant.

Telehealth, which lets patients have their doctor appointments via the internet rather than in-person, is only used at the discretion of its doctors, Enterhealth says.

“We want to be as accessible as possible to our patients, and telehealth is another tool we can use to help,” David Kniffen Jr., Enterhealth president and CEO, said in a news release. “We currently use the technology at the Enterhealth Ranch residential treatment facility to introduce patients to doctors and therapists at our outpatient center in Dallas before they transition to outpatient care.”

The Enterhealth Ranch is an exclusive, 40-bed treatment facility located on 43 acres 30 minutes north of Dallas-Fort Worth.

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