Baylor Scott & White Health Performs 500th Transplant of the Year, Its Highest Total Ever

Transplant team members celebrate the milestone. (Photo courtesy of Baylor Scott & White Health)

Dallas-based Baylor Scott & White Health this week performed its 500th solid organ transplant of 2017—the most transplants its surgical teams have performed in any one year since the transplant program began 33 years ago.

This year has topped the 499 transplants the teams performed in 2007, when their second-highest annual total was recorded, and the 471 transplants that were accomplished last year, the third-highest total on record.

BSWH’s 2017 total included 241 kidney transplants (including combinations), 143 liver transplants (including combinations), 58 heart transplants (including combinations), 36 lung transplants, 19 pancreas transplants (including combinations), and three uterine transplants.

Four hundred and thirty-three of the 2017 transplants were cadaveric (or deceased) donations, while 67 were living-donor transplants.

Baylor Scott & White spokesman Craig Civale said there are four main reasons for this year’s transplant milestone.

“The public is more open to organ donations. Organ procurement organizations in our area have done an outstanding job promoting organ donations,” Civale said. “More Texans have signed up as organ donors through [And there’s been] enhanced understanding by the transplant teams of what makes a good organ for transplant.”

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