MediBookr Launches App for Mobile Provider Shopping

A healthcare provider comparison resource has added a mobile application to its lineup.

Dallas-based MediBookr, which grew out of the healthcare innovation accelerator Health Wildcatters, announced the launch of the app on Thursday. MediBookr uses analytics to guide employees in exploring medical services and making informed healthcare provider decisions. It comes free for members once their employers opt in through their medical benefits package.

MediBookr makes the announcement on the heals of shoring up $675,000 in seed funding to boost products and client support.

“Consumers today want better resources to compare healthcare options specific to their needs, insurance, and budget,” CEO Sunny Nadolsky said in a statement. “Therefore, we have developed an innovative platform for consumers to search and select services directly from their mobile device.”

MediBookr won Techweek’s 2017 Rising Startups Award and was named one of the top groundbreaking companies in the country by Premier Inc.