Sunspire Health Rolls Out Rehab Geared at Pro Athletes, CEOs, and Others in “High-Intensity” Careers

Sunspire Health – Texas is rolling out an addiction rehab program targeted specifically at careers they call “high-intensity,” ranging from elite athletes to healthcare professionals to high-visibility executives. Sunspire, a nationwide network of addiction centers with an HQ in New Jersey, says the Professionals Treatment Program will offer discreet and individualized care.

Here’s how a news release sent out on Wednesday broke it down:

Professionals operating in high-intensity careers can often be at risk for substance (e.g., narcotics, alcohol) or power (e.g., sexual or physical boundaries) abuse or addiction. This might include healthcare professionals, elite athletes, high-visibility executives and other licensed professionals such as pilots, financial advisors or attorneys. Furthermore, due to their high-risk or safety-sensitive positions of power, addiction or impairment for these individuals can have serious and wide-reaching consequences that extend beyond the individual to impact, and in some cases endanger, employees, teammates, patients and clients, among other working relationships that involve a significant transfer of power.

Dr. Jes Montgomery, professional programs director at Sunspire Health – Texas, added that the program will meet patients “at their point of need with a program that is inclusive of their unique lifestyle and set of experiences.”

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