New Study Has Dallas Among Top 10 Markets for Physician Compensation

Physician network Doximity has a new study out on physician compensation, and the results show Dallas was a financially favorable place for a physician to practice in 2017. The metro area ranks eighth in the U.S. for highest physician compensation among the 50 markets featured by Doximity, and it beats out the other Texas metros.

Doximity got responses from more than 65,000 licensed U.S. doctors. Here’s the average compensation for the top 10 metro areas:

1. Charlotte, North Carolina – $402,273

2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – $398,431

3. Jacksonville, Florida – $379,820

4. Indianapolis, Indiana – $378,011

5. San Jose, California – $376,585

6. Phoenix, Arizona – $372,669

7. Kansas City, Missouri – $372,555

8. Dallas, Texas – $371,398

9. Los Angeles, California – $371,227

10. Salt Lake City, Utah – $370,472

San Antonio physicians make an average of $359,508 a year, good enough for 16th highest on the list. Austin’s average is $354,790 (19th), while Houston comes in at $335,170 (34th).

Female physicians in Dallas are paid the sixth-most of any market, according to Doximity. They make an average of $295,809 here, which is still more than $75,000 less than the overall average. Even the smallest wage gap among the 50 markets—in Las Vegas—was 20 percent, which equates to about $74,000 a year. In half the markets, the gender gap was at least $100,000.

Nationally, Doximity found that physician compensation increased four percent between 2016 and 2017. The highest-paid specialities were neurosurgery ($663,000), thoracic surgery ($603,000), orthopaedic surgery ($538,000), vascular surgery ($476,000), and plastic surgery ($473,000).

The five lowest-paid specialties were pediatric infectious disease ($192,000), pediatric hematology and oncology ($209,000), pediatric endocrinology ($215,000), pediatrics ($222,000), and preventive medicine ($232,000).

I also posted the 20 specialities with highest and lowest compensation over at my Twitter page—find those here. For the full report, head here.

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