Dallas Plastic Surgeons, Emergency Docs Make More Than $100K Over National Average

On Friday, I walked through the local numbers from a national study on physician compensation. It shows that Dallas physicians do pretty well for themselves, all things considered. Today, the clinician network responsible for that study sent me some additional Dallas data: The five highest- and lowest-paying specialties for our region. As you’ll see, plastic surgeons and emergency medicine physicians do particularly well in Dallas.

Quick context, if you missed Friday’s post (linked above): This is based on a survey of more than 65,000 physicians by Doximity. They compared 50 major metropolitan areas. Physicians in Dallas’ metro area made an average of $371,398 a year in 2017, eighth highest among the 50.

Now, here are the five highest-paying specialities in Dallas, with national averages in parentheses:

1. Thoracic surgery—$677,777 ($603K)

2. Neurosurgery—$608,332 ($663K)

3. Plastic Surgery—$574,999 ($473K)

4. Orthopedic Surgery—$477,380 ($538K)

5. Emergency Medicine—$460,203 ($336K)

And the five lowest:

1. Endocrinology—$234,999 ($266K)

2. Internal Medicine—$252,777 ($260K)

3. Pediatrics—$253,999 ($222K)

4. Allergy & Immunology—$258,333 (not provided)

5. Family Medicine—$280,813 ($241K)

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