Texas Health Data Breach Impacted About 4,000 Patients

Texas Health Resources suffered a data breach in October that impacted about 4,000 patients, the system said this week.

Hackers gained access to Texas Health emails that included details like patient names, medical record numbers, dates of birth, addresses, insurance information, clinical information, and in some instances social security numbers as well as driver’s licenses and state ID numbers.

Arlington-based Texas Health was notified of the breach by law enforcement on Jan. 17 but hadn’t been given the green light to notify patients until last week. Authorities at times will ask that businesses wait on notifying impacted customers if an investigation is ongoing.

THR mailed letters to affected patients on April 13. In a letter posted to its website, it says the breach impacted patients that received care and treatment primarily in 2017.

“Law enforcement indicated this was part of a larger incident affecting multiple entities across the country and did not just affect Texas Health entities and patients,” the letter reads.

A spokesperson for the system said he didn’t know whether the other involved entities also had a healthcare aim.

Texas Health says it has “no indication that any information has been misused in any way.”

“We deeply regret any inconvenience or concern this may cause our patients,” the letter says.