Report Calls Texas the Third-worst State for Children’s Healthcare

WalletHub has a new analysis out on children’s health, culling together 30 factors along the lines of access, cost, quality, and some other more miscellaneous categories. The data set includes things like pediatricians per capita, share of children under 18 in excellent or very good health, death rates, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, and fast-food restaurants per capita. The criteria are weighted, and the full methodology can be found here.

That’s a lot of setup, I know. All to get here: Texas didn’t do well. It ranks third-to-last overall.

Among the items where Texas ranks in the bottom five of the 51 states plus Washington D.C.:

• lowest percentage of children with excellent/very good health (T-49)

• highest percentage of uninsured children (49)

• highest percentage of children with unaffordable medical bills (49)

• highest percentage of obese children (T-50)

Find the full results at WalletHub.

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