Consolidation Trend Hitting DFW Oncology Practices, Report Finds

A new report from the Community Oncology Alliance shows that oncology practices are continuing a trend toward consolidation, and the local data shows Dallas-Fort Worth has seen some significant M&A activity within the field.

Across the country, community oncology practices are shuttering at a rate of about 3.5 closings per month, on par with the 2016 edition of the COA’s report. The COA finds that in the last decade, 1,653 community oncology clinics have closed, been acquired by a hospital, undergone corporate mergers, or reported that they’re struggling financially.

“Merged or Acquired” as a category accounts for just 10 percent of the national total, but it seems to have been the predominate outcome here in DFW. That’s evident from viewing this map included with the report (if you hover over DFW, you’ll get a closer look). From what I can tell, there have been about a dozen instances of oncology practices having merged or been acquired, four clinics closing, and a couple of instances in which practices were acquired by a hospital.

Overall in Texas, 43 closures have hit community oncology practices over the decade, the second-most of any state and just a few behind Florida, at 47.

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