Texas Health Resources Gives Clinical Scholar Award to UTSW Cardiologist

A cardiologist from UT Southwestern Medical Center has been named the most recent Texas Health Resources Clinical Scholar.

Dr. Ambarish Pandey will put the $750,000 career development award toward developing novel approaches to prevent heart failure and improve heart failure outcomes at a health system level.

“We hope to develop and evaluate a screening strategy that may be integrated with the electronic health record system to identify individuals at high risk of heart failure, particularly heart failure with preserved ejection fraction,” Dr. Pandey said in a statement. “We also aim to evaluate a home-based cardiac rehabilitation program to target these high-risk individuals to improve their fitness levels and reduce the risk of heart failure in the long term.”

The award is spread over three years. Southwestern Health Resources—which is the collaboration between Arlington-based THR and Dallas-based UT Southwestern—created the Clinical Scholars Program to advance and recruit top-notch clinician researchers. Past awardees include an assistant professor of internal medicine and clinical sciences and a neurosurgeon.