Texas A Bottom Feeder in Commonwealth Fund’s 2018 Scorecard Rankings

Texas ranks seventh-worst in overall state health system performance among the 50 states in a new report from The Commonwealth Fund. The foundation, which exists to promote better performance from healthcare systems, particularly for the most vulnerable populations, combines more than 40 measures for its scorecard. They look at access to care, quality of care, efficiency in delivery, health outcomes, and income-based disparities.

The lowest-scoring state in the report is Mississippi, followed by Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, West Virginia, Arkansas, and then Texas.

Commonwealth summarized four key trends from its analysis:

—Rising death rates, high levels of obesity, and gaps in care are pressing challenges for states

—Regional differences in performance persist, as do within-state disparities

—Many states are not getting good value for their health care dollars

—States made progress in areas that were the target of efforts to improve

Find the full report here.

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