Pay For Registered Nurses In DFW Tops The State’s Average

Becker’s Hospital Review today does the good work of grouping together the most recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in a post that runs through average registered nurse wages by state. The numbers apply to May 2017, and the average yearly salary for an RN in Texas is $72,070. I count 18 states that are higher, starting at the top with California ($102,700) and Hawaii ($96,990). That post—here.

My quick addition is to drill down a twist further into BLS’ metro-area data. The respective metros of Fort Worth-Arlington and Dallas-Plano-Irving come in as the third- and fourth-highest paid in the state. RNs in Fort Worth-Arlington make $75,100 a year and in Dallas-Plano-Irving, it’s $74,480.

Those are bested only by Houston-The Woodlands-Sugarland ($79,060) and Corpus Christi ($78,470). Austin-Round Rock ($68,780) and San Antonio-New Braunfels ($68,020) come in lower.

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