No Surprise Here: Texans’ No. 1 Health Policy Priority Is Lower Cost

Texans’ number one priority when it comes to health policy issues is lowering the amount that individuals pay for healthcare. That’s according to a statewide survey out Thursday from the Kaiser Family Foundation/Episcopal Health Foundation. Of those polled, 61 percent marked that option as a “top priority” while an additional 28 percent called it “important but not a top priority.”

Just beyond that: Reducing the number of women who die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth (59% top priority/30% important but not top priority), lowering the cost of prescription drugs (56%/32%), increasing access to health insurance (55%/32%), and increasing funding for mental health programs (54%/38%).

The survey also asked Texans whether they were aware that their state has the highest uninsured rates in the country—21 percent among adults ages 19 to 64, versus 12 percent nationally. Only 31 percent of respondents correctly said Texas has an above-average uninsured rate, while 19 percent said it was below average and 34 percent said it was right around average. The rest—16 percent—marked that they didn’t know.

The results come from the Texas Health Policy Survey, conducted by dialing randomly generated Texas phone numbers. The sample includes 1,367 people who were surveyed either in English or Spanish. Full results here.