Planned Parenthood Adds Services for Transgender People To More Texas Locations

Based on demand, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (PPGT) is adding services for transgender people to two additional health centers, one in Denton and another in Austin.

Those are in addition to locations in Arlington, Austin, and Plano, which started offering gender affirming hormone therapy last year. Planned Parenthood plans to expand to more locations later this year, and says it’s receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients.

“Our health centers have always provided not just trans-friendly, but trans-competent healthcare to patients who too often have previously gone without necessary care out of fear or uncertainty,” said Elizabeth Cardwell, PPGT lead clinician, in a statement.

PPGT says LGBTQ patients are underserved within healthcare—transgender patients, especially so—and can be subject to discrimination and ignorance in healthcare settings.

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