Texas Rates Poorly In New Child Well-being Study

Texas rated eighth-worst among the 50 states when it came to overall child well-being in a new study by the nonprofit Annie E. Casey Foundation, which focuses on improving well-being for kids.

This might feel like a repeat to the readers of this site—I covered a WalletHub report in April that had the Lone Star State third-to-last. That study put a greater focus on health-specific factors, all the way down to things like sugar-sweetened beverage consumption.

For this one, the Annie E. Casey Foundation took a broader approach, looking at 16 measures across economic well-being, education, health, and family and community. The full study can be found here. The bottom 10:

10. Arkansas
9. Alabama
8. Texas
7. Oklahoma
6. Arizona
5. Alaska
4. Nevada
3. Mississippi
2. Louisiana
1. New Mexico

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