WFAA: North Texas Couple Mulling Over Divorce To Qualify For Medicaid

WFAA ran a story this week that speaks to the country’s billowing healthcare costs. Maria and Jake Grey, residents of Sanger, are considering getting a divorce so that Maria can qualify for Medicaid as a jobless, single mother of two. Jake makes about $40,000, and as it stands, the family doesn’t qualify. That makes it difficult to pay for what they need to care for their six-year-old daughter Brighton, who has a developmental disability. The couple also has a two-year-old.

Although the Grey’s have insurance—the story doesn’t get into what kind—they pay $15,000 a year out of pocket to care for Brighton. And they’re stuck on waiting lists for state assistance. The piece quotes a policy expert at UNT Health Science Center, who says he figures there are many others feeling the same heat as the Grey’s.

Watch or read WFAA’s work here.

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